11 March, 2013

Some fun reading for this week....

I know I should get a bigger post concerning a current issue together, but my thesis writing has been flowing quite well...which obviously means no time to write about anything else. For now, some links for this week....

Almunia on committments, remedies and settlements

Almunia on the Microsoft fine

Advances on private enforcement in the UK?

Daniel Sokol's new article "Policing the firm"

ECN Brief 1/2003

05 March, 2013

Some fun reading for the week...

The Commission is being sued for damages because it has supposedly encouraged a breach of Article 101 TFEU which it later punished.

AG Kokott gives a controversial opinion on legal advice in the context of competition law infringements

The CJEU has given judgments in Ã…kerberg Fransson and Melloni

The Commission prohibits a merger between Ryanair and Aer Lingus (again)

Bruno Lasserre writes on Compliance as an Effective Tool of Competition Enforcement: The French Example

ThyssenKrupp files a constitutional complaint before the BVerfG alleging that the Commission and or the CJEU has breached Human rights obligations

02 March, 2013

Samsung overtakes Apple as no. 1 smart device producer

Samsung has now overtaken Apple as the no. 1 producer of smart devices. According to this article by techdigitt.com, Samsung shipped 250 million units in 2012, whilst Apple came in second with 218.7 million devices. However, Samsungs crowning does not seem to have been taken at the expense of Apple, which increased its total shipping rate by comparison to 2011. Perhaps all the patent wars between IT-technology producers is just a sign that competition in certain consumer technology markets is as fierce as ever?